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July 20 2017

water park equipment
M&T Products Co., Ltd. set up in 2006, it is not only the biggest leading manufacturer of stainless-steel hot water tank, but also the actual No .: 1 duplex stainless water tank and bottom welding technology producer within China.
Our main tools are: Buffer Tank, Solar Drinking water Tank, Electric Water Container, Heat Pump Tank, Multifunction Tank, Heat Recovery Fish tank, Mini Tank and associated tanks, all of them could interact with Solar panel, Heat pump, Furnace, Electric boiler and so on, and is use for washing, temperature recovery, swimming pool, floor heating system and so on. All our aquariums are certified by H2o Mark, ISO9001, CE, ERP and SAA.
water park equipment
M&T is definitely committed itself and demand to be a professional hot water heating unit manufacturer to offer customers along with good quality, satisfied service, as well as long-term stable cooperation, using its own high-quality technology, high quality inspection and professional salesforce, we now become the largest producer with more than 10 years export encounters and high reputation of steel hot water tank industry inside China.
We can do FACTORY and ODM, just reveal your requirements, we will make you an ideal solution.
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